How Do You Know What Therapy Is Right For Your Child With ASD?

If you have a child who is newly diagnosed with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder), or thinking of starting a new therapy program for a child with Autism then, I would highly recommend reading this article will helps you, What Kinds of Therapies Actually Helps to an Autistic Kids? By Dr. P. Sumitha Hemavathy.
The learning curve about what therapy is right for your child with ASD can be daunting. Not every therapy works for every child, and it can take some time to find the right fit for you and your family. Parents often feel pressured into certain kinds of therapies to their child by well meaning friends and family or by what is being featured in the media.

Four tips to evaluate how therapy is helping your ASD child:

1) Enjoyment level. While this can be difficult to quantify, there are certain obvious signs for every autism child. In my experience, every child did much better learning when their therapy included favorite subjects, objects or activities. While not everything in life can be “fun”, your child does not need to be uncomfortable, stressed out, or scared to learn anything’s. But don’t lose hope there are many different therapies that are help out there. You will find something that fits!

2) Are your children actually learning tools? Or they are performing “tricks” to make their therapists or you happy. Again, this can be a subtle difference, but it is key point. Is your autism child making connections for themselves, or they are given a series of performance for reward training sessions. Real tools might not show a measurable outcome in the right away, but over time they will serve your child better.

3) Does the therapy involve a lot of emotional stress and confusion to your child?
This is likely not going to produce in lasting results and who really wants their autism child to be stressed out? Sometimes it’s just not the right method, or even the right way between therapist and autism child. It does not have to be a “good vs. bad” judgment calls. It just can be a “if this isn’t the right fit then we are going to try something else for your child related therapies.”

4) Listen to your children and trust your own instincts.
Whether they are using words, gestures, tears, laughter, or just body language, your autism child is going to tell you how they feel about their therapies. There are many choices and resources out of there if your gut is telling you that this therapy doesn’t seem right, trust yourself. Try something else. It took years to find the right mix for my two children on the autism spectrum, who both needed very different things. It was worth the search. Every kid gets a lot out of their lives, and is learning to work, and finishing school. Getting them to try much kind of different therapies and activities will only helps them grow and get more out of life. You can apply this principle to your children’s therapy, as well as to their activities where your child gets active.

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