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How Physiotherapy Helps in Pain Management and Cure?

Physiotherapy is a way of managing pain without the help of surgery or drugs. It is the treatment of a physical disability, movement, malfunction, or pain by exercise, massage, aquatic therapy, etc., without the use of medicine or surgery. It also helps to prevent the diseases, injury or trauma and also helps in restoring normal body functioning. This can help in relieve pain, stiffness & Improves blood circulation.
Here are some different types of injuries, illness or trauma where physiotherapy can provide relief.
1. Sportsinjuries

Sports people tend to push their bodies over the limit and are very often prone to injuries like fractures, torn tissues and ligaments, sprains etc. Physiotherapists are a big help to athletes and well known athletes usually have a full time physiotherapist to ensure that their body is in top shape.
2. Accidents and trauma

Injuries after accidents are common and the type of injury depends on the trauma. Most of them require some kind of physiotherapy to he…

Who is the Best Physiotherapist in Bangalore, Hulimavu

Who is the Best Physiotherapist in Bangalore? Dr. Sumitha Hemavathy (PT) is the Best physiotherapist in Bangalore, Hulimavu. She has an experience of 15+ years and known for providing the most effective physiotherapy treatments to the people who are facing any kind of health issue. She also works with highly skilled and professional teams, who have the complete experience in the manual skills and latest techniques.
Our doctor has specialized in physiotherapy treatment and caring to people of all ages with physical problems caused by accidents, illness, ageing and other factors. So, all the bangaloreans now no need to be panic for any kind of injuries and conditional problems, luckily her branch is located near Hulimavu, Bangalore as CAPAAR.
Which is the Best Physiotherapy Clinic in Bangalore? CAPAAR is the Best Physiotherapist in Bangalore, Hulimavu. Dr. P. Sumitha Hemavathy (PT) will undertake physiotherapy and rehabilitation for adults with pain management issues related to muscles and …

7 Mistakes To Avoid Before Choosing The Best Physiotherapist In Bangalore

Best Physiotherapist in Bangalore. However, choosing the best physiotherapist is not a simple work. If you believe you are in need of physiotherapy, it is important that you choose the right physiotherapist. As with most healthcare professionals, physiotherapists tend to specialize in one particular area. These include physiotherapy and rehabilitation for the elderly, chronic issues, post-op recovery, sports injuries, and pediatric care. 

Before choosing the best physiotherapist in Bangalore you need avoid these 7 most common mistakes:
1. Nearness to home should not be the only reason for selection of physiotherapist

Is the physiotherapist close to home or work? If you are catching public transport, are they situated close to a bus or train station? Do you need wheelchair access? Just because a physiotherapist is located close by does not mean you will get good care. You may consult; perhaps the closet physiotherapy clinic to you has the best physiotherapy team. Generally, though proxim…

Top 10 Benefits Of Visiting The Best Physiotherapy Center In Bangalore

Best Physiotherapy Centre in Bangalore at CAPAAR will take a holistic approach that will help you to restore movements and functioning of a body when someone is affected by injury, illness or disabilities. Although few people truly understand how important it is for the health. Often, the pain we feel in our body is associated with our movement.

We humans are active creatures after all. We walk, stand, run, jump, hop, and climb. We do a variety of things that affect our body’s condition. As a result, we sometimes experience strain, pain, trauma, and even injury that impair our ability to move. 

Here are some benefits to find a Best Physiotherapy Centre in Bangalore which will help you out,
1. Minimize your pain Physiotherapy will helps you in reducing the pain for all the injuries. Depending on the cause, our physiotherapy can ease your pain by strengthening the muscles that surround painful joints or muscles. Problems such as poor posture, muscle strain or arthritis can causes back pain.

6 Important Physiotherapy Tips That Can Minimize Your Back Pain

We have Best Physiotherapist in Bangalore at CAAPAR. Our doctor says that back pain is the most common reason for missed work and the second most common reason for visiting a physiotherapist. Most cases of back pain are mechanical or non-organic, which means they are not caused by a serious condition and can be effectively treated to provide relief to the sufferer.

You should note though, these are not miracle cures and it doesn’t involve vitamins or medication. A physiotherapist will help you identify exactly what area of the back is affected and how you can specifically target this area for healing, and then help you prevent that pain from re-occurring.  Here are some 6 physiotherapy tips to minimize back pain,
1. Get a good sleep at Night Peaceful sleep helps to repair strained muscles and soothe inflamed joints. A night spent tossing and turning can apply added strain to the painful area and further inflame the problem. Often I recommend to my clients to sleep with a pillow between t…