Could My Child Have Autism?

No individual symptom is a sign of autism, and no two children with autism have an identical symptom. There are no medical tests that can determine whether a child is an autistic, and there are no hard and fast rules how autism should be diagnosed. In fact, in some cases, it can be tough for even a professional to diagnose a child has an autism spectrum disorder. But if your child has the following symptoms and they can't be recognized to any other disorder it might be a good idea to consider an autism screening or autism evaluation.
Speech and Communication Delays and Differences Child with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) will almost have the challenges with speech and language, but unless the challenges are obvious (For Example, a five-year-old child with no spoken language), they can be hard to spot. That's because children with autism may use plenty of words, and may even use more words than their typical peers. Here are some tips for determining if your child is facing diff…

Why Early Screening for Autism Recommended for Children?

Generally, children between the ages of 18 months and 4 years should regularly be screened for Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). The initial screening should be done when the child is 18 months and again when she/he is 2years. This screening is highly recommended, even if children do not show any signs of development delay. Screenings during the first 2 years of a child’s life are crucial. Regular universal screenings and screenings for ASD are recommended for checkups will often lead to an earlier diagnosis of ASD. There is growing recognition among parents that early intervention and diagnosis can yield better outcomes for an Autism child. Here are a few symptoms of autism spectrum disorder: Delay in languageDelay in smilingFailure to respond to their namesFailure to follow parent’s gazeFailure to respond when pointing at something These are subtle but critical risky signs that are most common reasons for evaluating achild for ASD. However, these are limited to children within the age …

How to Overcome Picky Eating of Your Autism Child

Parents of children with Autism Spectrum Disorder often worry about their child may not be getting the required nutrients, as most children on the spectrum are picky eaters. In fact, most parents find mealtime rather challenging. According to the research, it has been observed that children with ASD are five times more likely to have mealtime challenges such as extreme food selectivity, tantrums, and ritualistic eating behaviors.
In this blog, we will discuss how parents can overcome this issue by following simple strategies at home.
Do Not Neglect Medical Problems Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder may refuse to eat particular food items. Since many children on the spectrum find it difficult to express their emotions, we recommend parents look out for nonverbal cues in their children. For example, your child may clamp their lips when you’re trying to feed them. Gastrointestinal distress is one of the common problems in children with ASD. It is advisable that parents to visit Best Au…

10 Things Parents Can Do to Help Their Child with ASD(Updated)


Which is the Best Autism Treatment Centre in Bangalore?

CAPAAR Centre is the Best Autism Treatment Centre in Bangalore. Dr. P. Sumitha Hemavathy (PT) has specialized in all treatments and diagnosis about Autism related disorders. She tries to make a positive difference in the quality of life of both children and their families, touched by Autism.Our team at CAPAAR will work intensively one-on-one with young children on the spectrum.

She also guides the best way to manage Autism disorders and with the help of Screening and Diagnostic Assessments, Functional Skills Assessments and Occupational and Sensory Assessments. Well, Autism can be cured if we diagnosed it early. Here is some information about Autism/ASD that can prevent from negatively impacting a child life.
Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is a neuro-development disorder that presents to the child from their birth and most of the cases it can be diagnosed before the age of 3 years. It is mainly characterized by Social Interaction, Speech, Language & Communication, and Rigidity in th…

Does a Child With Autism Reach Developmental Milestones on Time?

A developmental milestone is a sign of typical autism child development and it reaches to more children’s between birth and adulthood. Early milestones include rolling over, social smiles, and sitting up. Later milestones involve the acquisition of social, physical, language, emotional skills, and intellectual abilities. A child with autism tends not to reach all of their developmental milestones at the appropriate times. But that statement is a huge overview of the reality because: ·Many of the autism children reach to developmental milestones on time or early, but then lose ground. ·Most of the autistic children reach some of their developmental milestones on time or early, but reaches late to others or not at all. ·Some of the autistic children reach some of their developmental milestones extraordinarily early but reach others extraordinarily late. ·A Children with autism can appear to gain important skills but in fact unable to use those skills in real world situations. ·Many of the chi…