How Physiotherapy Helps in Pain Management and Cure?

Physiotherapy is a way of managing pain without the help of surgery or drugs. It is the treatment of a physical disability, movement, malfunction, or pain by exercise, massage, aquatic therapy, etc., without the use of medicine or surgery. It also helps to prevent the diseases, injury or trauma and also helps in restoring normal body functioning. This can help in relieve pain, stiffness & Improves blood circulation.

Here are some different types of injuries, illness or trauma where physiotherapy can provide relief.

Sports people tend to push their bodies over the limit and are very often prone to injuries like fractures, torn tissues and ligaments, sprains etc. Physiotherapists are a big help to athletes and well known athletes usually have a full time physiotherapist to ensure that their body is in top shape.

2. Accidents and trauma

Injuries after accidents are common and the type of injury depends on the trauma. Most of them require some kind of physiotherapy to help a person get back on their feet.

3. Post surgery

Most often for orthopedic surgeries definitely require physiotherapy & post surgery. And in some other surgeries cases it may also require a bit of rehabilitation, especially if the patient is in bed for a long time.

4. Geriatric physiotherapy

As people get older, they are prone to small mishaps, apt to fall down more often and may have to undergo medical procedures to recover. Very often, just the advent of old age causes weakened joints and muscles. Physiotherapy can be a big boon to the elderly.

5. Chronic diseases

Diseases like arthritis, cancer, spinal injury, peripheral neuropathy etc respond well to physiotherapy and the ill can maintain an optimum level of movement and function with the help of physiotherapy.

In this article you may know how physical therapy and exercise are essential to reduce and manage your pain, as well as to sustain your long-term recovery and prevent a future recurrence of pain. Hopefully, this will help you find and maintain a physical therapy program that works for you.

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