Which Behavior Therapy for Autism works the Best for My Child?

Behavior Therapy for Autism in Bangalore | CAPAAR | Dr. P. Sumitha Hemavathy (PT) is one of the Best Child Behavior Therapist in Bangalore.

It may have come to your knowledge as a parent that there are multiple therapy options available that can work for Autism. But before zeroing down to one or few its very critical to clearly understand the pros and cons of each therapy option.

We must know that there is no cure for Autism. However all the hope comes from numerous interventions that aid towards diminishing the severity and impact of the symptoms and on a few occasions to a great extent! Autism is a neurological disorder that hinders both social and communication skill development which is why behavioral and speech language therapy are the main parts on which the autism diagnosis is based on. However it is also a challenge for the specialist since no single mode of treatment or program works for all children with autism.

You should also know that there is one approach that has a better success rate and can be commonly deployed to multiple cases of autism for children with autism, which is behavioral therapy. Let us clear a myth here. Behavioral Therapy is not restricted only hyper active children but also the other way around.

The Benefits of Long-Term Behavioral Therapy

Parents more often are in a puzzled state over the choice of the most appropriate behavioral therapy approach for their autistic child. For starters, schools frequently move autistic children into. Shifting a child away from intensive behavioral programs early, that is greatly facilitating his social growth can derail the larger objective of sending these children to the mainstream in their schooling eventually.

In other words the higher the intervention deployment now ensures better age-appropriate skills set development later, facilitating a smoother transition into the mainstream alter. Now coming to the positives of behavioral intervention, the most notable aspects are that it is effective as well as safe. On the contrast it is highly labor-intensive and expensive yet it rains the most effective one.

Behavioral Therapies for Autism

1. Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)

ABA is a therapy developed on the basis of the science of learning and behavior. It is a therapy that is undergoing plenty of researched and has been implemented from almost past 50 years.

The ABA approach involves analyzing and dividing skills into different proportions and focus on the good aspects of behavior through repetition, reinforcement, and encouragement, enabling the child to make it a part of its life. As a part of ABA, observation of a child’s abilities and definition of what is beneficial to them takes place. And also focuses is given on developing those essential skills that the child is not ready to acquire but are essential for its future.

2. Verbal Behavior Therapy (VBT)

This therapy focuses on teaching non-vocal children how to communicate effectively. With this approach children learn the skill of using words functionally – in order to obtain the desired response from others. Verbal Behavior Therapy seeks to teach children beyond labeling, usually considered the first step of learning any language and using gestures to vocalize their requests.

3. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

Cognitive behavioral therapy is designed to focus on identifying the real triggers of particular pattern of behaviors in a child, which enables the child itself to recognize those moments on its own. And gradually therapist designs ideal practical responses for those triggers. In simple terms, kids learn to see when they are about to be caught in the cycle of a routine behavior or practice this approach helps with concerns common to autism to better handle them the moment they are triggered.

4. Floor time Approach (DIR):

This therapy is known as Floor time, reason being that the parent gets down on the floor with their children to interact with the child in their way or at their level. The primary focus of this approach is to enable the adults to help children expand their scope of communication possibility. They engage with the child at its core developmental level and work upon nourishing its strengths. Intereting thing during this approach is that the parent is asked to follow the child’s lead thereby engaging the child in progressively complicated interactions.

5. Relationship Development Intervention (RDI)

RDI is a family-based, behavioral therapy that works on the core symptoms. It primary focus is on development of social and emotional skill sets. Interestingly parents of the autistic children are trained as the primary therapist in multiple such programs. Actions that encourage interpersonal engagement, like empathy and motivation to engage with others are designed.

6. Social Skills Groups

These groups are designed I such a way to offer a platform for autistic children to practice and develop their social skills sets in a safe, congenial and organized environment. These skills groups meet frequently and a professional moderator looks after them. And normally the sessions include a well designed teaching on a specific skill, putting that skill into action etc.

Behavior Therapy for Autism in Bangalore | CAPAAR | Dr. P. Sumitha Hemavathy (PT) is one of the Best Child Behavior Therapist in Bangalore. She provides a multiple therapy options that can work for Autism Child.

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