Sensory Integration

Sensory Integration | Best Pediatric Physiotherapists in Hulimavu,Bangalore. Sensory integration is a term that describes the working of the brain that how our brain accepts and processes the sensory information so that we can perform the everyday life activities. There are many theories related to sensory integration and a therapeutic approach. Some of them are enlisted below:
  • Sensory integration problems
  • How to manage sensory integration problems
  • Sensory integration therapists
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Sensory Integration Problems

There are many problems comprised of sensory integration. Some of them are enlisted and described below.
  1. Problems with Sensory Modulation

In sensory modulation problem, the brain is over responsive or under-responsive to the sensory information. The ability to perform daily life activity depends upon the degree to which the brain is over or under-responsive. So in many cases, people sometimes miss out on the things and make a person angry, fearful, anxious and frustrated.

The study reveals that person can be under-responsive or over responsive in all the different senses, they can be under-responsive in one sense and over-responsive in another sense. In many cases, people are both under and over responsive in the same sense. Hence overall responsiveness depend upon the situation, such that stressful situation sometimes make the person more or sometimes less aware of the sensory information.
  1. Sensory Discrimination and Perceptual Problems

Sensory discrimination and perceptual problems are the situations in which brain faces difficulty to make sense of the information received. This situation generally occurs in the case of touch, as the person becomes unable to interpret the sensory information obtained by him.

People suffering from with visual perceptual problems faces difficulties in finding objects in disorderly environments or finding a word on the page.
These problems can be recognized by a trained SI practitioner with the help of a standardized assessment tool.
  1. Vestibular-Bilateral Functional Problems

Vestibular-Bilateral Functional problems are developed in our vestibular sense. These problems further cause deprived balance and complications in synchronization of two sides of the body.

The problems such as Balance and coordination can be identified by the SI practitioner. Sensory Integration practitioner will also let you know that whether the difficulties are related with the vestibular system.
  1. Praxis Problems

Praxis is that how our brain plans and the carrier out movement, which we have not performed earlier.

For example:
For adults, it may be learning drive or using a chopstick
For children, it may be learning how to jump.
You may be familiar to the terms dyspraxia or motor planning problems; these problems are very similar to praxis problems.

How to Manage Sensory Integration Problems

For many people, it is very difficult to manage their professional life and day to day life as, very small adjustment in the environment, get them disturbed.

Sensory Integration | Best Pediatric Physiotherapists in Hulimavu,Bangalore. We offer various courses for teacher, parents and other professionals, which help them to understand the sensory integration difficulties. The course will let the people think different and positive for the environment, which will be helpful in the proper management of work, play and school.
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