Things You Should Know About Misarticulation?

Speech sound production is a complex process that involves precise, planning, coordination and movement of different articulators. Correct articulation produces clear speech. Errors in speech sound production are known as articulation errors.

When a child shows errors in articulation beyond the typical development he/she may need to see a speech and language Pathologist. There are four types of errors in articulation which are as follows:
Substitution occurs when one sound is substituted for another sound.
For Example: “web” for “red”, “”buhlack” for “black”, “dut” for “Duck”
Omission occurs when a sound is left out that is too hard to pronounce. Children do not pronounce the sounds clearly or they replace one sound for another.
For Example:” P ay the Piano” for “Play the Piano”
Distortion occurs when the sound is not left out or substituted but does not sound right. There is an attempt to make the sound but it is misarticulated.
For Example: “kerrec” vs “correct”, “tell me” vs “till me”
Addition occurs when an extra sound is added.
For Example: “Doguh” for “Dog”
So, Articulation disorder is something that could be treated with effective speech and language therapist. If your child he/ she can be known ones has this disorder, do visit an CAPAAR Speech & Language Therapy  who can evaluate the condition and find out the cause of the problem and advice you with the best possible tactics or tools of speech therapy for controlling the disorder.


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