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Top 6 Reasons when to see a Geriatrician

Geriatricians are specialists in senior health, trained in caring for an aging body. Their knowledge can help keep you happy and healthy throughout your golden years.
1. Nutrition Absorption of nutrients decreases as you get old. A geriatrician will prescribe a diet with sufficient nutrients/ supplements as necessary.
2. Loss of movement Aches and stiffness increase with age. A geriatrician will suggest ways to relieve it, like geriatric rehabilitation.
3. Increase in medical problems Consulting a geriatrician regularly can prevent senior medical problems by making simple changes in lifestyle.
4. Medication A geriatrician can prescribe medication and monitor it and change it as required.
5. Counselling A geriatrician who will listen patiently to problems and help deal with them will go a long way in reducing depression in seniors.
6. Arranging support A geriatrician can help a senior who has no support system by arranging to have caregivers or nurses as the situation demands.
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Things You Should Know About Misarticulation?

Speech sound production is a complex process that involves precise, planning, coordination and movement of different articulators. Correct articulation produces clear speech. Errors in speech sound production are known as articulation errors.
When a child shows errors in articulation beyond the typical development he/she may need to see a speech and language Pathologist. There are four types of errors in articulation which are as follows: 1. SUBSTITUTION: Substitution occurs when one sound is substituted for another sound. For Example: “web” for “red”, “”buhlack” for “black”, “dut” for “Duck” 2. OMISSION: Omission occurs when a sound is left out that is too hard to pronounce. Children do not pronounce the sounds clearly or they replace one sound for another. For Example:” P ay the Piano” for “Play the Piano” 3. DISTORTION: Distortion occurs when the sound is not left out or substituted but does not sound right. There is an attempt to make the sound but it is misarticulated. For Example:…

5 Ways How Physiotherapy Can Help Improve Your Quality Of Life

The pain in parts of your body can affect your everyday living. When it worsens; you may have to refrain from engaging in your regular activities or those that you're passionate about. Physiotherapy can help provide relief for sore body areas. It can also help treat long-term issues, allowing you to get back to your normal routine sooner.
Here are more ways how going to a Physiotherapist can help to improve your quality of life:
1. Improve your Breathing Techniques Physiotherapy is not only for patients that experience pain or issues with their muscles or joints. If you have sleep apnea or asthma, you can also go to a physiotherapy clinic to help improve your breathing.

Physiotherapists will help you plan an exercise program that focuses on breathing exercises that you can as well perform at home. Through stretching and stretching routine programs, you can improve the condition of your chest and neck muscles.
2. Fight Excess Weight Physiotherapy sessions can also revolve around helping …